The Wild and Wonderful World of Fan ArtWritten by LadyLalaArticle Type: Art

Fans of Guild Wars 2 have always expressed their love for the game in various ways – cosplay, fan fiction, paper crafts, stuffed toys, baked goods, and art. With everything from pencil sketches to digital airbrushing, the world of fan art is vast and inspiring. This month we’ll take a look at a few artists who have displayed passion and skill in their work.

MagicnaAnavi has an affinity for digital art, and she does it well. Her “divas”, as she calls them, are sassy and powerful. Her style is serious and lifelike, and the facial features are very detailed. She combined Photoshop and a tablet to create them, and the result is amazing. You can find more of her work at

Qvi is also a digital art aficionado, but her style is more cartoon like. The portraits of her asura characters are very well done, and she gave them interesting personalities. Her Summer Madness picture is fun and silly, and displays her talent in working with multiple characters. You can find her work at

ZeroJigoku has varying style and techniques, from mechanical pencils to markers to Photoshop. Her styles range from serious to cartoonish to chibi, and she does each one with great skill. Her quaggan picture is adorable, and her thief pin up is an interesting take on a normally somber and dangerous profession. Her Guild Wars 2 art thread is ... erojigoku/ and her artwork site is

These artists are just a sample of what’s out there. The fans of Guild Wars 2 are talented, creative, and dedicated to their work. So get browsing, and support the amazing fans and their art!